Matrix Shafts DEUS TOUR Series and Special Edition Hybrid out this month


Anaheim, CA. (January 27,2017) – In addition to Matrix Shafts DEUS line of shafts that were launched last year, the DEUS TOUR series is ready for release at the end of this month with their first reveal out on tour this weekend at CareerBuilder Challenge. DEUS TOUR comes out in 3 versions, DEUS TOUR, DEUS TOUR B and a laser engraved limited edition, DEUS TOUR HYBRID.

DEUS TOUR is a low torque, stable shaft with maximum kick energy due to its smooth and consistent profile. It has a mid launch trajectory with mid spin to work with any head center gravity and delivers great control and feedback for the player. The DEUS TOUR B features a stiff butt section with a softer middle stiffness for mid launch trajectory. The low torque adds to the control and stability of the shaft and is ideal for players who desire a longer driver length or lower swing weight.

DEUS TOUR HYBRID is the only hybrid shaft Matrix makes that uses full length Zylon fiber and laminated with a special resin for an exceptionally smooth feel. Matrix also added in exotic Boron fibers to firm the tip of the shaft so expect a low launch and spin performance with precise control with this one. Only produced in limited quantities and are available in taper tip as a special request. Each DEUS TOUR HYBRID will be laser engraved with its limited edition number. All shaft cosmetics feature a sleek finish in all black.

The MSRP prices are DEUS TOUR at $250 and DEUS TOUR HYBRID at $175 with the release date scheduled for 1/27/2017.