Congratulating The Winner Of The Volvo China Open Who Played Matrix TPHDe Shaft In His Driver


Anaheim, Ca.- Congratulating the winner of the Volvo China Open this weekend. From Valero Texas Open to European Tour's Volvo China Open, we are very pleased to see multiple wins for TPHDe happening out on tour worldwide. The winner was fit into a THPDe earlier this year and he managed an eight-under par round of 64 this past Sunday for the big victory.

TPHDe Technology

The TPHDe really signifies the core of what Matrix does best with our heightened attention to detail, craft and precision when creating shafts that will improve your game. The shaft boasts our hexadecagonal (16-sided) internal platform commonly referred to as the "HD" design, which allows for new levels of structural strength. Truly an advanced, performance optimizing shaft with cutting edge materials such as Carbon, Boron, Zylon and GMAT that work in perfect harmony. Each and every single TPHDe shaft is exclusively made only in Orange County, California in a 12-step, 6 day, 9-person process.