Champions Tour Regions Tradition Winner Plays Matrix in Driver and 5-Wood


Anaheim, CA- Matrix Shafts would like to congratulate the winner of the Champions Tour Regions Tradition who played the 6M3 Black Tie in Adams XTD driver and the OZIK XCON in his TaylorMade RBZ 5-wood.

“The Matrix Tour team is very excited for this player and all of his accomplishments in the past year,” said Director of Tour Operations, Joe Miera. “He has been a long time Matrix user and the way he continues to win with Matrix in the bag is only a reflection of the consistency and quality our shafts perform with on every shot.”

The M3 Black Tie is a low-launching, low-spinning shaft, and sits at the bottom of the highly successful Matrix Flight System. Designed on the industry leading and patented HD platform, it is often preferred by players with higher ball speed and those who prefer additional stability in the tip section.

The OZIK XCON is a high-launching, low-spinning shaft and was replaced in 2012 by another part of the Matrix Flight System, the X3 White Tie. The Matrix R&D team took the designs of the XCON and found a way to increase the stability and provide a tighter feel through the shaft, without having to increase the overall weight. The OZIK X3 has a progressively linear graduation at impact, making it more efficient in energy, travel and transfer, resulting in higher ball speed.

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Located in Anaheim's Canyon Center for Advanced Technology, MATRIX was founded with the aim of creating the finest golf shafts available for tournament players and weekenders alike. Since its inception in 1993, MATRIX has become one of the world's most influential shaft companies by designing transformative structures for nearly every golf company in the marketplace.

MATRIX designs, manufactures and engineers performance-driven and technologically advanced shafts that are built on a patented Hexadecagonal(HD) platform. Coupling leading edge design with a nearly obsessive attention to craftsmanship, material selection and performance advancement, MATRIX has become a mainstay on the PGA Tour. MATRIX has increased its tour usage every year for 10 consecutive years. The best golfers in the world rely on MATRIX Shafts.

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